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Elbit Introduces ‘IQ-TEX 4’ Image Acquisition, Processing System

Technology can detect defects in a product as small as 50 microns.

Elbit Vision Systems Ltd. (EVS), a global supplier of vision inspection and process monitoring systems, introduces the IQ-TEX 4, an integrated image acquisition and processing system that can detect defects in a product as small as 50 microns.

Built on EVS’ Smart Vision Camera (SVC) platform, IQ-TEX 4 utilizes high resolution, color line-scan technology, to achieve results in detection accuracy and roll optimization. With the capability to detect defects as small as 50 microns (a micron is 0.000039 of an inch and a human hair is 40 to 120 microns in diameter), the IQ-TEX 4 was specifically designed to provide “vision empowered monitoring” at every stage of manufacturing. That can increase a user’s productivity and efficiency through yield enhancement and operational cost reduction.

The IQ-TEX4 color inspection system widens EVS’ variety of solutions for new customers and enables the company’s existing customers an easy upgrade path to realize additional benefits, says Sam Cohen, EVS’ CEO. Since the IQ-TEX4 was unveiled in September, EVS has received over $1 million in new orders for the product, he adds.