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Eagle Eye Networks Launches Video Access Tool for First Responders

‘First Responders Real-Time Video Access’ app allows emergency crews to view real-time security camera footage

Austin, TX—Eagle Eye Networks has introduced a cloud-based app that gives first responders access to live security cam footage in emergency situations.

The application—available for iOS and Android operating systems—works with participating organizations and Eagle Eye Security Camera VMS administrators. Camera administrators can use the app’s dashboard to pre-designate a list of first responders who will be allowed to view the live video in emergency situations even when in transit to the scene. The video feed is kept private and inaccessible until a system administrator activates the emergency feed for chosen first responders only.

When the emergency feed is enabled, all designated first responders can view video from any major web browser or the Eagle Eye Viewer mobile app.

“Giving Public Safety Officers the ability to share live video surveillance cameras on smart phones during an emergency is a game changer in operational scenarios. This solution can act as a response multiplier by providing a coordinated visibility component into emergency decision making,” said Dr. Erroll G. Southers in an announcement, who is a former FBI special agent, and current managing director, counterterrorism & infrastructure protection, TAL Global.

First Responder Real-Time Video Access hits the market May 1, 2016 and can be downloaded via iTunes or Google Play.