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Eagle Eye Networks Announces Cloud Video Data Center in Austin, Texas

Company's second U.S. cloud storage facility

AUSTIN, Texas — Eagle Eye Networks announced the addition of a new data center, located in Austin, Texas. This is Eagle Eye’s second data center in the United States; the first is located in Santa Clara, Calif. The company plans to add data centers worldwide to meet expanding demand for the Eagle Eye Cloud Security Camera VMS.

The Eagle Eye Security Camera VMS is powered by multiple, redundant Tier IV datacenters. This infrastructure has been specifically designed for video and is managed directly by Eagle Eye personnel to provide maximum security, performance and availability.

A recent survey showed that 65 percent of businesses wanted at least some cloud video recording, and they need cloud recording to meet higher security and compliance standards. Security needs evolve and cloud recording provides flexibility to change with them.

“Companies are demanding flexible cloud video recording for better access to the video content, off-site redundancy, and greater flexibility,” said Dean Drako, Eagle Eye Networks’ president and CEO. “Video takes up more room than other IT data, and Eagle Eye will continue to build large data centers in North America and in other locations around the world.”

The data centers will also support developer activity for the cloud-based Eagle Eye Video API, which allows businesses and developers to integrate camera video into their applications without having to worry about a complex infrastructure. Developers can use the Eagle Eye Video API access to integrate alerts, user interfaces, and analysis ranging from simple searches to Big Data analytics.