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Duluth Public Access Scores 10 Handheld AVCCAMs

PACT offers equipment, classes and editing facilities to its members.

Boosting its studio and field production power for its members, Duluth (Minn.) Public Access Community Television, has purchased 10 Panasonic AG-HMC150 professional handheld AVCCAM camcorders.

Panasonic HMC150 PACT is a volunteer, nonprofit organization that helps local individuals and groups produce non-commercial programming. PACT offers equipment, classes and editing facilities to its members. PACT manages four channels for the City of Duluth on Charter Communications, ranging from live coverage of government meetings to shows produced by religious organizations and enthusiasts of sports, music, local history, finance and more.

The new camcorders replaced aging mini-DV and S-VHS gear.

Executive Director Jerry Moscatelli, a veteran of nearly 30 years in the city’s cable and broadcast industries, joined PACT in 1996, shortly after the organization’s move into its current quarters in Duluth City Hall.

“The HMC150 AVCCAM is the camera for public access,” said Moscatelli. “Anyone in our business should take a look at it. We were initially drawn to camcorder’s cost-effectiveness, its tapeless, low-cost SD media, small size and HD acquisition. We also liked the HMC150’s XLR two-channel audio inputs and wide-angle Leica Dicomar zoom lens.”

Six of the AVCCAMs are provided to PACT members for field production and are used for general camcorder instruction, and four are configured for studio use.

Studio productions are both live and pre-recorded. Programming shot in advance is recorded to Panasonic DVD recorders with built-in hard drives, and recorded to tape as a back-up. In the field, shooters are provided with 16 GB SDHC cards, and encouraged to shoot in the HMC150’s highest-quality PH mode (average 21 Mbps/max. 24 Mbps) at 1080/60i. Editing is done in both Final Cut Pro and iMovie. Material is currently delivered to Charter Communications on DVDs. Moscatelli said he anticipates also using the HMC150s to produce video streaming for the city of Duluth and PACT websites.

“Having shot with the HMC150s for the past several months, I’ve come to depend on the on-screen waveform monitors and the selectable, switchable audio inputs,” Moscatelli said. “Our members have been able to pick up on the HMC150s very quickly. They’re definitely producing more quality video faster.”

“We are very thankful for the funding from the City of Duluth that allowed us to purchase these cameras from Panasonic,” Moscatelli said.

Panasonic’s AVCCAM series brings the benefits of solid-state HD recording to budget-conscious professionals with a range of affordable cameras and recorders using inexpensive SD/SDHC cards.

AG-HMR10 recorder/player and AG-HCK10 camera head

At Government Video Expo (Dec. 1-3 in Washington), Emmy-nominated producer, director, writer and editor Bernie Mitchell, president of Silver Platter Productions, will take a look at the latest AVCCAM gear including the new dual-use AG-HMC40 handheld camcorder, the AG-HMR10 recorder and the AG-HCK10 camera head.

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