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Drone Volt’s Aerialtronics AI Pensar Camera Takes Flight

Camera-computer driven by artificial intelligence

VILLEPITNE, FRANCE—AI is taking to the skies with the development of the Aerialtronics Pensar camera-computer from Drone Volt. Using artificial intelligence, the Pensar features dual spectrum digital vision for real-time analysis of images or data. The camera can be mounted on a drone, mobile robot or used as an independent camera.

The gear behind the Pensar camera is a miniaturized NVidia embedded processor with 1.5 teraflops of power. Its computing power, accelerated by the NVidia Jetson GPU processor in the NVidia Jetson module, enables it to detect, recognize, analyze and classify objects or people in real time. It also has simultaneous data acquisition and processing.

The integrated camera features a 30x optical zoom and the unit has a FLIR thermal camera available as well. The streams from these two cameras can be recorded simultaneously.

Additional features include facial recognition, object recognition, animal recognition, a digital privacy mask, an Ubuntu Linux Open Source operating system and it is compatible with open source libraries like Google’s Tensor flow.

Drone Volt says that the Pensar camera can be used for surveillance, inspection, public security, search and rescue and more.