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DoD Considering Cuts to AFN, Stars & Stripes, Pentagon Channel

Cuts to the Defense Dept. budget may sting at AFN, Pentagon Channel.

According to the military journal Stars and Stripes, continued cuts in the Defense Department could target the Armed Forces Network (AFN) and the Pentagon Channel, as well as Stars and Stripes itself. AFN provides US-based programming for overseas military service members, including sports and network programming. The Pentagon Channel is delivered via cable to military offices in the Washington area, and it includes news, announcements and special features.

According to the article, the DoD’s subsidy for AFN is currently $51.6 million, while the Pentagon Channel receives $6.1 million. The amount of the possible cuts is unknown, but there is no mention of completely eliminating these media services.

Stars and Stripes is a print newspaper with a web site for online content, and it also derives some financial support from advertising. However, the newspaper is currently subsidized by taxpayers in the amount of $7.8 million.

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