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DJI, Los Angeles Fire Department Collaborating on Drone Applications

Looking to use UAVs for emergency response and preparedness tool.

SHENZHEN, China—The Los Angeles Fire Department is looking into the use of drones via a partnership with DJI. DJI announced a Solution Development Partnership with LAFD to create, test and deploy DJI drone technology as an emergency response and preparedness tool.

The LAFD has previously used DJI technology, and with this partnership will continue to test drone technology specifically developed for fire and rescue service industry. Previous DJI technology used has included the Matrice 200 series, Matrice 600 series and Phantom Pro 4 drones equipped with visual and thermal imaging cameras that provide real-time video and data transmission to incident commanders.

DJI drone technology will continue to be used for different situations, including hot-spot identification and aerial mapping for wildfire response, and incident response for water rescues, hazmat operations and urban search and rescue missions.

“Combining advanced drone technology with new software tools will help bridge the gap between helicopters and firefighters on the ground, allowing us to address life-threatening situations faster and more effectively than ever before,” said LAFD Battalion Chief Richard Fields.