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Digital Projection International Offers Free Lamp Replacements for Some Projectors

Covers purchases of either a HIGHlite or TITAN projector by June 30

Digital Projection International, a manufacturer of projection systems, will provide purchasers of projectors from either of two series with a free set of replacement lamps during years two and three of the projector’s three-year warranty. Users who purchase—between May 1 and June 30—a projector in DPI’s HIGHlite Series or its TITAN Series, are eligible to participate in the “Lamp Freedom” program and receive the replacement lamps during years two and three of those projector’s warranty, the company says.
Lamp replacement costs are a key concern when calculating the long-term cost of ownership of high-brightness projectors, and the Lamp Freedom program ensures that end-users purchasing DPI displays within the allotted program dates will receive a dramatically reduced cost of ownership benefit on their HIGHlite and TITAN projectors, the company says.
Depending on the DPI projector model purchased, the program can represent more than $10,000 in lamp savings during the three-year warranty period, according to the company. Customers with typical use applications—defined by DPI as 1,000-1,500 hours per year—the Lamp Freedom program will completely eliminate lamp purchase costs during the warranty period, DPI says.
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