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Digital Ally Unveils ‘FirstVu HD’ Wearable Camera for Police

Direct input from law enforcement used to develop the system

Video systems provider Digital Ally says it used direct input from police officers in the development of the “FirstVu HD” system, a wearable camera for law enforcement.
The system is comprised of a 1.75-inch camera and a separate, thin — 2.75 inches x 4

inches — recording module, which can be mounted together or separately, adding options for body, vehicle and other types of mounting, Digital Ally says.
The FirstVu HD weighs 4 ounces and features a long-lasting, user-replaceable battery, according to the company. The video system has a 136-degree horizontal field of view and 720p HD resolution (1280 pixels x 720 pixels) providing 16 hours of recording time at the highest quality setting, Digital Ally says.
For night recording, FirstVu HD features low light sensitivity, and it provides up to 30 seconds of pre-event recording, evidence security and ruggedized and weather-resistant casing to protect the video, Digital Ally says. For ease of use, the system features Instant Record ON from stand-by mode and one-button operation, as well as vibrating covert mode, the company says.
Recordings are imprinted with date/time stamp, marks and non-proprietary audio-video interleave, making a recording easier to analyze, Digital Ally says. The system also has secure universal serial bus access for downloading recordings or applying software upgrades, the firm says.