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Digital Ally Ships $3 Million Worth of In-Car Cams to Turkey

The DVM-750 is small enough to integrate the entire system into a car’s rear-view mirror.

Some traffic stops in the nation of Turkey will now have digital evidence attached, following the delivery of more than $3 million worth of DVM-750 in-car Digital Video Systems to the Turkish Police Department from Overland Park, Kans.-based Digital Ally Inc.

Digital Ally DVM-750 The DVM-750 is small enough to integrate the entire system into a car’s rear-view mirror. Users remove the factory-installed rear-view mirror and replace it with the Digital Ally system. The video monitor is located behind a high-quality one-way mirror so that when it’s not in use, it’s invisible.

It’s the first major international order for the DVM-750, the company said.

In Turkey, the police forces are responsible for law enforcement in cities and certain other locations, including airports. Traffic police are responsible for the safety of transportation and also work with the registration of vehicles. The Turkish Police also play a large role in important intelligence and counter-terrorist operations.

Working closely with its sales representative in Turkey, Mesan Inc., Digital Ally was awarded the contract from the General Directorate of Police in October 2009.

Digital Ally was awarded a smaller initial contract in July 2009 for DVM-500 Plus In-Car Digital Video Systems from the Turkish Gendarmerie, a branch of the Ministry of Interior that is responsible for the maintenance of public order in areas that fall outside the jurisdiction of police forces. The Gendarmerie, an armed security and law enforcement agency that is military in nature, is also responsible for internal security and general border control. The DVM-500 Plus systems have already been shipped and will be placed into service in the Istanbul district.

Digital Ally also announced the start of shipments of its new FirstVu wearable body camera to customers during the month of December. FirstVu is a highly compact, solid-state, weather-resistant digital video/audio recorder that can be attached to a law enforcement officer’s uniform and is designed to capture evidence on a real-time basis. It has many of the features of the DVM in-car video systems without being tethered to the police cruiser or other vehicle.

Key features include easy-to-use four-button operation with vibrating notifications, infra-red illumination for operation at night or in low-light conditions, a lithium polymer battery for up to four hours of continuous operation, pre-event recording capabilities, high-resolution video that records to reliable solid state memory, an integrated GPS with “mark” feature to record exact locations, and both LED and covert modes of activation. It features secure internal memory with USB download, as well as convenient removable SD cards to access evidence. Encoded AVI videos or JPEG images may be easily viewed on standard systems.

Digital Ally, Inc.

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