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Digital Ally Producing DVM-250 Recorder for Vehicles

Automatically records and stores video and audio from inside and outside of vehicles, even during a vehicular accident.

Digital Ally, Inc., a producer of video surveillance products for law enforcement, homeland security and commercial security, has begun production of its new DVM-250 digital event recorders, the company says in a written statement.

The DVM-250 video event recorder automatically records and stores video and audio from inside and outside of vehicles, thus, should an abrupt change in acceleration/deceleration occur—such as during a vehicular accident, sudden stop or other violent maneuver—the event is automatically recorded including one minute prior to the event, which is referred to as “pre-event recording,” the company says.

Other possible triggers for automatic recording include specific speeds and GPS coordinates, and an optional “interface box” can provide additional recording possibilities, including when a vehicle shifts into reverse; engages emergency lights; or opens door, the company says. Users may also start recordings manually, such as to record criminal actions of passengers.

“Event recorders are used by companies with vehicle fleets in a number of different industries, including taxicab, bus, limousine, and motor coach operators; utility, telecommunication, package delivery, and distribution companies; government agencies; and even consumer vehicles,” said Stanton Ross, Digital Ally’s chief executive officer. “Uses of such recorders include driver training, personal protection and monitoring, protection against liability and workman’s compensation claims, and personal documentation of events.”

Digital Ally used the same design and technology parameters for the DVM-250 event recorder that have been developed for the commercial transportation industry, the company says. The DVM-250 is completely integrated into a rearview mirror and can therefore be easily installed in any type of vehicle by simply removing the existing mirror and installing the DVM-250 in its place. That enables the DVM-250 to be integrated with modern vehicle interiors without taking up space that might cause a hazard or detract from the desired atmosphere inside the vehicle.

In addition, the DVM-250 utilizes solid state memory, the most durable, vibration-proof and reliable medium for mobile video documentation, the company says. The system features an integrated GPS receiver and antenna, microphone, and forward and passenger-facing cameras; simultaneous dual-camera recording; customizable automatic record triggers; pre-event recording; D1 (720×480) high resolution video recording at 30 frames per second; metadata recording, including device serial number, date, time, vehicle speed, triggers and GPS coordinates; 16GB internal solid state memory or optional 8GB-32GB external standard definition (SD) memory cards; authenticity and security, including proprietary watermarking, disabling the USB port if using wireless, and SD card access door lock; video management software, which also provides easy configuration of settings and parameters. The DVM-250Plus model also includes a 3rd camera (usually a backup camera), monitor integrated behind the mirror glass to remain invisible while not in use, and the interface box for additional automatic record triggers.