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Digital Ally Introduces MicroVu Compact HD In-Car Video System

Simplifying police car cameras

The complete MicroVu HD from Digital Ally in-car video system is only four inches long by one inch tall, and is designed for easy and unobtrusive use. It features automatic login and recording capabilities, and is interoperable with a range of industry standard data management products.

The system features resolution up to1080p, with compressed files and permit faster upload speeds and lower storage costs. Operational simplicity is key, as it uses RFID technology to automatically log in users.

Other notable features include enhanced low-light recording with wide dynamic range capture, automatic recording to start recording simultaneously with the Digital Ally FirstVu HD body camera, and an integrated G-force sensor to automatically trigger recordings and capture data in case of a crash or impact. Recordings can also be started with the 2.4 GHz wireless microphone, VuVault GO mobile app or a FirstVu HD body camera using VuLink from up to 200 feet away.

With VuVault GO mobile app compatibility for event tagging and remote control, it’s possible to use MicroVu HD remotely for convenient and safe operation. The unit can also be set to pre-record events so that recording will start at a pre-set amount of time before the record button is pressed. MicroVu HD has integrated GPS with back-office interactive mapping GPS with back-office interactive mapping.