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Digi Renovates Oklahoma County’s Surveillance Systems

Jail and courthouse video surveillance infrastructure upgraded to IP

Servers at the heart of Payne County’s new NVR-based video security system.

PAYNE COUNTY, OK– When it got to the point that too many problems were arising with the surveillance system used in Payne County’s jail and courthouse, it became apparent to Captain Kevin Woodward of the Payne County Sheriff’s Office that the current system would not be able to continue serving their needs.

At the time, the surveillance system consisted of 11 digital video recorders driving 80 security cameras. But it certainly didn’t seem like that because Woodward explained they could typically only use about eight of the DVRs at a time, since several were usually in need of service or repair. Compounding the problems, the system allowed only five users to login to review video simultaneously and incompatibility prevented the addition of newer high-quality cameras to the system.

The system had to be upgraded, with the goal “to cost-effectively integrate the 80 analog cameras we already had installed into a new system, as well as to have flexibility in replacing them as they aged,” Woodward said.

The office decided to contract with Digi Security Systems, a Pryor, Okla.-based security systems integrator to replace the 11 digital video recorders with one networked video recorder. This approach would allow Digi to incorporate any server the Sherriff’s Office needed while the existing network could continue to be used. And since there were no longer any limitations on the number of camera ports in an NVR-based system, future cameras and servers could be added to the overall surveillance system, which would also allow multiple users to simultaneously access video feeds.

Since the network-based video recording system was installed in the County’s jail and courthouse, a new 18 TB server with 50 new two-megapixel HD Micro Dome cameras by Avigilon have been added.

The Sheriff’s Office was so impressed with the results they also contracted with Digi to install an 8-megapixel camera outside the county courthouse and install four domed cameras on a bus, allowing the vehicle to server as a mobile command post.

“Payne County is not simply a typical customer looking to add security cameras to a building,” said Woodward. “We had complex needs, including Wi-Fi and microwave systems necessary to connect different sites. Digi helped the Sheriff’s Office with all these needs on extremely time-sensitive projects where equipment was required immediately.”