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Delta Electronics Displays Keep Travelers Updated at Port Columbus International

LED video walls are part of an overall $80 million completed terminal renovation

COLUMBUS, OH–Delta Electronics’ FX-3 LED Display System was recently installed at the ticketing level at the Port Columbus International Airport to display 4K-quality advertisements and information. The video wall, which measures more than 1,300 total square feet, is the finishing touch to a three-year, $80 million terminal renovation.

David W. Saleme, business development manager at Port Columbus International Airport wanted the new screens to be bezel-less, offer high picture quality, and last a long time. “The quality of the design of the entire product stood out,” he said. “Not only was the visible front facing display exceptional, but attention was paid to the design of the back of the unit, and how well the units connected to one another. This provided a high degree of confidence in the overall system.”

Each Delta Electronic FX-3 is 18.9×18.9×3.42 inches, has a thin 3mm pixel pitch structure, an 800 cd/m2 brightness level, a 1000:1 contrast ratio, and an UHD/4K resolution.

Saleme says that travelers as well as advertisers and sponsors have reacted positively to the video display.