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Delta Digital Video’s Latest Airborne Video Encoder Introduced

The 6820R improves the delivery of full-motion video

Delta Digital Video, a manufacturer of video compression and scan conversion products for the military, law enforcement and security markets, introduced the 6820R, its latest airborne two-channel HD/SD video encoder.

The 6820R, a drop-in replacement for Delta’s 6800R single-channel encoder, will provide the intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance community with additional video channels without increasing size, weight, power and cost, Delta said. The 6800R has been providing the allied forces with high quality, HD, full-motion video since 2008, the company said.

The 6820R improves the delivery of FMV by adding a second channel in the same mechanical configuration as its predecessor, Delta said. The new encoder maintains all of the Motion Imagery Standards Board compatible metadata and transport stream multiplexing features of Delta’s Joint Interoperability Test Command certified products, while adding support for composite standard definition video, resolutions up to 1080p60 and a fully configurable, lower bit rate, secondary stream for each channel, according to the company.

Delta is “very excited” about new HD architecture now under production and of the 6820R, said George Nelson, the company’s vice president and general manager. The success of HD video in the war effort has increased the demand for the number of high-quality-video feeds directly from air assets and the 6820R will fill that need, he said.

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