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Dejero Introduces Compact WayPoint 50, CuePoint 50 Models

Meant for remote production vehicles and flyaway kits.

WATERLOO, Ontario—Dejero is going smaller with new versions of its WayPoint receiver and CuePoint return video and teleprompter server with the WayPoint 50 and CuePoint 50 models, building these smaller chassis units for remote production vehicles and portable flyaway kits.

The WayPoint 50 is a single-output compact receiver that reconstructs broadcast-quality video transported over multiple IP connections from a Dejero transmitter. It also decodes HEVC or AVC and outputs to SDI or MPEG-TS workflows.

CuePoint 50 is a return feed server that sends low-latency live program video and teleprompter feeds to on-air presenters, camera operators and other production personnel in the field to keep them synchronized with central production during live broadcasts, as well as adjust for on-camera position and account for overlays and graphics. Up to eight output feeds can be viewed on tablets, smartphones or regular monitors.

Each platform can be integrated into a portable flyaway kit and moved to any location for remote production. They each can also be combined with a Dejero Gateway network aggregation device and Dejero PathWay encoder for quick responses in disaster recovery scenarios, according to Dejero.

Dejero can customize the kits to meet specific customer needs.

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