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Crestron HDMI over HDBaseT Transmitter and Receiver Support 4K Ultra HD

Now shipping new devices

ROCKLEIGH, N.J.—Crestron is now shipping its new HDMI over HDBaseT Transmitter (HD-TX3-C) and HDMI over HDBaseT Receiver (HD-RX3-C).

The devices support 4K resolution content and provide a simple, reliable solution for extending uncompressed HDMI signals up to 330 feet (100 meters) via HDBaseT over a single CAT5e/UTP cable without signal degradation. These simple yet flexible products provide direct connectivity to HDBaseT sources and displays and Crestron DigitalMedia systems.

“With a control system installed or not, they deliver true uncompressed HD AV signals over a single wire longer than a football field,” said Crestron Vice President of Marketing Sean Goldstein.

Available in a black or white faceplate, the HD-TX3-C makes it simple to connect an HDMI, DVI or DisplayPort Multimode source to an HDBaseT display. Conversely, the HD-RX3-C enables easy connection of an HDBaseT source to an HDMI or DVI display.

As a standalone system or as part of a complete Crestron control system, the HDMI extenders provide a reliable signal extension solution that does not require special configuration or programming. The transmitter mounts easily in a single-gang wall box, inside an equipment rack or attaches to any flat surface. The compact receiver mounts discretely behind a display device, projector or wherever necessary.

The HD-TX3-C and HD-RX3-C also enable users send or receive IR and bidirectional RS-232 control signals.

As a single-gang wall mount DM transmitter, connect an HDMI source to the HD-TX3 on the wall and then transmit the signal directly to the DM input of a DigitalMedia switcher or receiver. The HD-RX3-C can serve as a DM receiver to send HDMI to a display when full control is not required.

For applications requiring a transmitter and receiver, the two devices are available bundled together as the HDMI over HDBaseT Extender w/IR & RS-232 (HD-EXT3-C)

In addition to HDMI in and out, the HD-EXT3-C also includes IR and RS-232 transmission. Instead of control ports, the HD-EXT4-C offers separate analog audio in and out to support DVI, or other devices that don’t support embedded digital audio. The analog audio output of the transmitter can also feed a room amplifier or powered speakers.