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Clear-Com Rolls Out Dispatch and IP Gateway Solutions for Emergency Operations

Emergency communications interfacing

Clear-Com CG-X4 IP gateways

ALAMEDA, Calif. — The Clear-Com dispatch system is a scalable and flexible platform featuring four to 64 channels, tone keying, Voice-over-IP and Radio-over-IP. Providing both local and distributed system architectures, the space-saving 1RU configurations offer up to16 ports for radio and IP interfacing. Each Dispatch System delivers intercom, radio, telephone, and dispatch capabilities — all in one unit that also has clean sound quality. The Clear-Com Dispatch system integrates with the company’s Eclipse HX digital matrix intercom platform and the Clear-Com Gateway platform for expanding user’s communication requirements.

Clear-Com Gateway is an interoperability solution for immediate on-site communication across different frequencies for government, military, public safety agencies and many other applications.

“We’re excited to see the popularity of the new Clear-Com Gateway platform devices increase across the public safety market,” said John Kruman, regional sales manager for central USA at Clear-Com. “The features are easy to use and allow immediate, reliable and cost-effective communication across disparate communications systems, ensuring critical information can be shared.”

Clear-Com Gateway combines radio interface technology for analog and digital radios with a suite of programmable features to meet the most demanding radio and Land Mobile Radio applications. Gateway bridges radio channels across different radio platforms, port-to-port, port-to-multi-port and Radio-over-IP, which enables cross-communication between different frequencies. In addition, as the radio market continues to move to digital radios and 4G LTE, Gateway devices can link to these digital radio networks via SIP and the digital radio module to allow analog-to-digital and digital-to-digital bridging and conferencing on one platform.

Clear-Com Gateway devices also have built-in SIP interface capability. Standards-based IP interfacing for Voice-over-IP, Radio-over-IP, Unicast, Multicast and SIP applications are supported for connectivity and interoperability. When connected to Clear-Com intercom systems, the four-wire port signaling capability can activate features and trigger radios, and SIP telephone access becomes available within Clear-Com systems.

The CG-X1 is the two-port option for remote sites and single-channel bridging. The CG-X4 carries a higher port density of eight ports in a small form factor, with the possibility of up to 16 ports in total in a 1RU space.