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Clear-Com Intros Latest Party Line Comm Platform

New version supports additional communication channels, more users

Clear-Com recently released v3.0 of the HelixNet digital network partyline platform, with support for additional communication channels and more users during live productions.

HelixNet multiplies channel count by three, with a new offering of 12 channels per HMS-4X main station. In the previous version, users had to link three HMS-4X stations together in order to achieve the same number of channels. This capability brings greater capacity and flexibility to larger productions requiring more distinctive talk groups. Furthermore, an additional 12 channels can be added by purchasing a license, effectively enabling a single HMS-4X to provide a total of 24 channels.

In order to support this expanded channel count, any combination of HelixNet main stations or remote stations can be configured to function as expansion key stations. With multiple devices acting as one system, users can address all users on HelixNet with a single headset/mic/loudspeaker. Pressing the “all talk” key gives access to all channels in a linked and expanded system.

HelixNet 3.0 also features a free browser-based software tool, called Core Configuration Manager, that enables easy online set-up and configuration of all HelixNet devices via the latest versions of all major browsers on Mac, PC and tablet platforms.

“HelixNet [allows users to] harness the advantages of an IP-based platform for easily linking and managing of HelixNet without losing the simplicity and familiarity of partyline functions,” said John Wyckoff, product manager at Clear-Com.

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