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Clarksville, Tenn., Now Streaming Public Meetings

Mayor is committed to government transparency

CLARKSVILLE, TENN.— Clarksville, Tenn., is utilizing Swagit’s Extensible Automated Streaming Engine solution to record and then stream their public meetings.

The city council meetings can now be streamed live or watched in archive from anywhere. The website also now hosts a welcome video from Mayor Kim McMillan.

This hands-free webcasting tool is a software framework comprised of foundation and extension modules that work together to automate many otherwise manually intensive webcasting tasks.

Council meetings are first streamed live, then the EASE system indexes and timestamps the video before adding it to the video archive area of the City website. Meeting packets or other related information are appended to the video for easy access or download – and unlike at a live viewing of the meeting, streaming viewers are able to pause the proceeding to completely read and understand these accompanying documents.

“I am committed to making Clarksville’s government as open and transparent as possible,” said McMillan. “By making City Council meetings available through live streaming on the City’s website, Clarksvillians have another way to access information about their government. Swagit’s system helps us meet our goals.”