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CineMassive Optimizes 911 Call Center’s Workflow

New video wall installation also provides City of Montgomery’s dispatchers better situational awareness

A view of the 6×3 CineView LCD video wall

MONTGOMERY, AL–A recently installed CineMassive video wall system in Montgomery, Alabama’s 911 Call Center has simplified dispatchers’ workflow, allowing them to provide better info to first responders on route to emergency situations.

Before the CineMassive video wall system was installed, which would go on to serve as the main piece to several other technology upgrades in the 911 Call Center, dispatchers were seated at isolated workstations with only desktop monitors to display their information and had no visibility into the calls being processed by other team members. This made it difficult for dispatchers to identify connections between calls or determine if a call pertained to an already-reported incident. One other issue was that dispatchers had limited tools for tracking an incident’s ongoing developments.

The overall upgrade to the 911 Call Center involved a 6×3 CineView LCD video wall, which shows live camera feeds and new real-time information software tools. Those include a call mapping program, a P25 radio system and real-time gunfire detection software. A supplementary CineMassive Alpha video wall controller allows supervisors to arrange the layout of the content shown on the screen. The whole layout of the room also changed with now 28 workstations facing the display.

“The video wall provides everyone with a visual as to what’s going on throughout the city,” explains Larry Fisher, the city’s emergency communications director. “If they have a call, and they see that the call pops up in the exact same area as the surrounding calls, then they can tell that it could be associated. When a call pops up in a different area, then they know it’s something different.”

When a call requires a response from emergency personnel, dispatchers can now forward information from the new real-time information tools displayed on the video wall and at their workstations to those responders.

“It helps get our officers more information as they’re responding to the calls, getting them prepared for what they’re going to experience when they get there,” says Maj. A.S. Tatum of the Montgomery Police Department, explaining how the new workflow helps responding police units.

In the future the City of Montgomery hopes to install CineMassive video wall systems into both the city’s Emergency Management Agency and Director’s Crisis Center.