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Christie, QuantaDyn Deliver 3D Simulation System for Refueling Boom Operators

It recreates the environment of a KC-135 aircraft, in which refueling boom operators perform complex aerial maneuvers.

Christie has been selected by the Air National Guard and the Air Education Training Command to design and power the military’s first 3D stereo Boom Operator Simulation System—a trainer that recreates the immersive environment of a KC-135 aircraft, in which refueling boom operators perform complex aerial maneuvers.

The Christie solution adds the realism of 3D stereo to provide an exceptional depth-of-field experience.

The 3D BOSS is the first to use active stereoscopic technology developed by Christie that specifically addresses a veteran boom operator’s critical need for precision, mobility and high-fidelity depth of field using Christie Mirage HD3 projectors’ full 1920×1080 resolution, enhanced with 3D active stereo.

The system features ChristieTWIST image warping and edge-blending capabilities.

“We needed a more compact version of the very capable Boom Operator Weapons Systems Trainer that Christie and QuantaDyn developed for Altus Air Force Base,” said Ron Kornreich, trainer development program manager for the Air National Guard. “The moment we experienced first-hand Christie’s stereoscopic 3D technology, we were absolutely convinced it represented the breakthrough we were looking for. This innovative solution exceeded our expectation for a high fidelity simulator that could also fit in the limited space of our facilities.”

The system uses Christie AutoCal for easy set-up and operation. It automatically calibrates arrayed projection displays of almost any number, minimizing the need for constant adjustments.

QuantaDyn Corp., a privately held engineering firm that specializes in training simulation, is providing integration and testing. It partnered with Christie to help develop the 3D visual solution and the trainer’s unique, compact design that establishes a new level of mobility and installation flexibility.

The BOSS features a state-of-the-art Image Generator from Quantum3D. Quantum3D’s Independence IDX 4000 ER provides such features as advanced weather effects, a 3D ocean with reflections, lighting and dynamic shadows.

The 3D BOSS is the also an ideal trainer for use with the ANG’s Distributive Mission Operations network, in which multiple trainers from remote locations can be synched to a unified mission that could include live, virtual and constructive opponents, allowing military personnel who are stationed in different locations to practice together on a virtual battlefield. Christie’s 3D stereo solution could spur an expansion in the program, permitting the exercising of large, massive joint forces at the theater-war level.