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China’s Video Surveillance Market Grew Nearly 20% from 2010-2011

Yearly growth is expected to surpass 20 percent by 2015

The demand for video surveillance products in China during 2011 has grown by nearly 20 percent over 2010, and yearly growth is expected to surpass 20 percent by 2015, says the report China Video Surveillance Industry Report, 2012 by Research and Markets.

The total Chinese video surveillance market reached RMB67 (renminbi) billion in 2011, up 19.71 percent “year-over-year,” and is expected to sustain an average growth rate of 21.52 percent from 2012-2015, the report says.

The report says construction and development of projects like safe city, traffic information availability, financial monitoring, production safety, smart homes, and other projects are responsible for the growth of China’s video surveillance market.

The development of the Chinese video surveillance industry has gone through three stages, which are analog video surveillance, digital video surveillance and network video surveillance, the study says. Presently, Chinese video surveillance market is experiencing a transition from analog to digital video surveillance, with the latter being the mainstream, according to the report.

During 2004-2012, digital video surveillance saw a rising proportion from 35.7 percent to 56.7 percent in the overall video surveillance market, the research says. Meanwhile, the network video surveillance market showed steady growth, and its share soared from 7.4 percent in 2004 to 28.2 percent in 2012, the report says.

The research examined several key areas of the Chinese video surveillance market. Those areas are:

  • The development course, market size, market structure and development trend of Chinese security industry
  • The market size and structure of Chinese video surveillance market
  • The regional characteristics, average profit level and main brands of Chinese video surveillance industry
  • The market demand, manufacturers’ market share and regional distribution of video camera, DVR, optical transceiver and matrix
  • The supply of upstream raw materials such as chips, optical lens and light sensors and the demand from downstream sectors like traffic and safe city construction
  • Key video surveillance equipment manufacturers in China and beyond, involving product type, business operation and product development