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Children’s Facility Installs Avigilon Surveillance System

Installation covers 46 acres including seven residential buildings, one educational facility, an administration center and more.

Damar Services, a residential care facility for children with developmental disabilities located in Indianapolis, Ind., deployed the Avigilon (high-definition) HD Surveillance System, Avigilon says in a written statement.

Damar not only deployed the Avigilon system to ensure the clients’ health and safety, but also as an effective training and performance validation tool, says Avigilon of Vancouver, Canada.

“Avigilon’s image quality and clarity is night and day compared to our old analog-based surveillance system, which was unreliable, grainy, and difficult to use,” said Greg Johnson, president and CEO at Damar Services. “The Avigilon HD Surveillance System allows us to capture the information we need to effectively monitor the health and safety of our clients and validate staff performance as they provide specialized care to our clients.”

Covering 46 acres, the main campus at Damar Services includes seven residential buildings, one educational facility, an administration and family service center, recreation complex, maintenance building, and several athletic fields.

A staff of six full-time security personnel manages the facility’s hybrid surveillance system, which runs around the clock and covers the entire campus, using Avigilon Control Center Enterprise “network video management software” (NVMS) with “HD stream management” (HDSM). Damar Services installed more than 90 Avigilon HD cameras to monitor the facility’s common areas, athletic fields, playgrounds, parking lots, and entire perimeter for coverage of the property beyond the campus.

Damar Services also installed Avigilon analog video encoders to boost the performance of its existing analog-based cameras and two Avigilon HD “network video recorders” (NVR) to store up to 30 days of continuous surveillance footage, the company says.