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CCTV Market Seen Shifting from Analogue to IP by End of 2013

One reason for the dramatic growth includes the ability to monitor video surveillance systems through the Internet.

By the end of 2013, the closed circuit television market (CCTV) market will shift from analogue technology to internet-protocol (IP) network technology, says a report by RNCOS Industry Research Solutions, a market research and information analysis company.

“Although the analogue CCTV market currently dominates the global CCTV market, the scenario will change by the end of 2013,” and “network IP technology will emerge as the leading CCTV technology,” RNCOS says in a statement summarizing its report, Global CCTV Market Analysis (2008-2012).

The reason for the dramatic growth includes the ability to monitor the CCTV or video surveillance systems through the Internet or over IP, says RNCOS, which adds, “The IP-CCTV surveillance systems will constitute around 65 percent of the total CCTV market worldwide by the end of 2013.”

Various other factors that will drive the IP technology market have also been covered in the report, and RNCOS says the “study also indicates that Asia will witness robust growth in terms of CCTV technology adoption.

“Backed by rapid economic growth and flourishing industrial and service sectors, developing countries, such as, India and China have emerged as the most potential markets for CCTV surveillance,” the report says. In addition, the study “discusses key CCTV market profiles of Latin America and Middle East,” and it “provides future outlook and the drivers that are fuelling growth in these countries.”