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Casio Debuts Its ‘Interactive White Board’

Designed for use in classroom settings

Casio, a manufacturer of business equipment solutions, introduced its Interactive White Board that is designed for classroom use and can foster educators’ interactions with students.
The IWB is available in 72-inch and 82-inch versions, it can be installed without cables or additional hardware and it is compatible with Casio’s entire portfolio of projectors, the company said.
Courseware can be pre-printed with a dot matrix pattern that is recognized by the IWB and the system can correlate the page being viewed for annotations to the projected screen, Casio said. In addition, the system is equipped with a special pen that works as a stylus, mouse or actual pen, so educators and students can annotate on the screen or on paper, Casio said.
The IWB is designed so students can follow along and make notes and comments on a screen without getting up from their desk, Casio said. The system can also be used as a conventional white board using dry-erase markers, the company adds.
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