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Caribbean Islands Deploy Digital Alert System Equipment

DASDEC-II increases platforms for alerts, warnings

The United Nations has funded the deployment of Digital Alert Systems’ DASDEC-II emergency messaging platforms at radio stations in four Caribbean island nations.

Funding by the United Nations Development Project has enabled Anguilla, Aruba, Montserrat and Sint Maarten to deploy the DASDEC-II emergency messaging platforms to provide alerts to radio stations that can then broadcast warnings and instructions in emergencies.

“These Caribbean island nations are highly vulnerable to various natural hazards, which can be particularly dangerous for populations, business and infrastructure in low-lying coastal areas,” said Ed Czarnecki, DAS’ senior director for strategy and regulatory affairs. “Advanced DASDEC-II alert systems significantly increase these nations’ ability to safeguard the public through weather and public-safety alerts and warnings.”
Radio stations in these countries use the DASDEC-II to monitor authorized sources for hazards and to send digital warning messages. When crises arise, messages are transmitted to the DASDEC-II, which then overrides the programming with an alert tone, followed by an automated voice message providing information and instructions.
These installations mark the company’s latest international deployments, and although the common alerting protocol (CAP) format being used by Anguilla, Aruba, Montserrat and Sint Maarten differ from the format in the United States and Canada, the DASDEC-II was easily integrated, DAS says.
The DASDEC is the first emergency alert system (EAS) encoder/decoder certified by the U.S. Federal Communications Commission that is capable of receiving and transmitting digital CAP messaging, DAS says. The system is widely used by television and radio stations across the United States, the company adds.