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Canon Unveils Line of HD, IP Surveillance Cameras

Four New Cameras Include Pan-Tilt-Zoom, IP66 Vandal-Resistant Fixed Dome, Indoor Fixed Dome and ‘Box’ Style Models

Canon U.S.A. Inc., a producer of digital cameras, introduces its first line of high-definition (HD) Internet protocol (IP) security cameras that all feature low-light performance.

Canon also included in those cameras its analytic capabilities, an aspherical wide-angle zoom lens with lens coating technology,a 2.1 Megapixel 16:9 aspect ratio widescreen complementary metal–oxide–semiconductor (CMOS) imagesensor.

In addition, the cameras contain Open Network Video Interface Forum (ONVIF) “profile S” conformance for improved compatibility with other ONVIF-compliant third-party security products, Canon says. The cameras and their specific features are:

VB-H41which features a new structural design for increased durability with improved bearings and a flexible-cable assembly, a 20xoptical zoom lens with 12x digital zoom, a wide 60.4-degree angle of view and an improved auto focus algorithm which will work with a built-in thermal sensor and will correct for temperature changes in the installation environment. An electronic image stabilization feature minimizes blur, and the VB-H41 supports select third-party USB joysticks for controlling pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) and presets.

VB-H610VE is a fixed vandal-resistant Full HD IP Security camera housed in a clear polycarbonate dome mounted to an aluminum body. The enclosure has a dust and water-resistance rating of IP66 and can also absorb violent impacts. The VB-H610VE lens is mounted in a damping mechanism to protect it against heavy blows. The camera is designed for use in areas such as correctional facilities, public transportation centers, shopping malls and schools. An optional heater allows the camera to be used in temperatures down to minus 22 degrees Fahrenheit. The VB-H610VE also features a built-in 112.0-degree wide-angle 3x optical zoom lens, and the camera can capture image detail in low-illumination environments.

VB-610D has a built-in wide-angle 3x optical zoom lens with an ultra-wide 112.0-degree angle of view, for use in areas such as stairways, narrow halls, elevators, shopping malls or factory floors. The lens’ aspherical optical composition and lens coating technology enables it to produce images with minimal distortion and flare. The VB-H610D is a versatile fixed-security indoor dome camera suited for IP security applications. Both the VB-H610VE and VB-H610D cameras also include a remote adjustment function to change the angle of view from any remote PC.

VB-H710F features a built-in wide-angle 3x optical zoom lens with an ultra-wide 112-degee angle of view. The built-in motorized focus and zoom function enables users to adjust those settings for challenging and/or large installation environments, the company says.