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Canon Introduces Day-Night HD Zoom Lens

It’s a great option for wildlife photography, battlefield analysis and security applications where detailed footage is needed in dark conditions.

Darkened places will come to light—and in high-definition, no less—with a new long-zoom portable HD lens with sensitivity to near-infrared light, introduced by Canon at NAB 2009.

The monitor on the left shows the groceries that appear invisible to ordinary cameras in the dark cupboard (upper right).

It’s a great option for wildlife photography, battlefield analysis and security applications where detailed footage is needed in dark conditions.

The Day/Night DJ40x14B HD zoom lens includes special optical coatings that extend the spectral transmittance of the lens into the near-IR region. Over 60 percent transmittance is achieved at 900nm wavelength. This is significant because long-zoom lenses typically exhibit an unavoidable focal-plane shift due to the difference in light wavelengths when day/night video camera filters are switched from shooting in daylight to shooting in nighttime IR environments.

The Canon day/night DJ40x14B HD zoom lens also incorporates Canon’s proprietary “back-focus shift correction and control mechanism,” which synchronizes the lens’ back-focus position-correction relative to the camera when the camera is switched between day and night modes. This automatically maintains a sharp focus under all shooting conditions.

Also at the NAB Show, the BU-50H remote-control robotic indoor pan-tilt HD camera system for indoor POV applications—a follow-up to the Canon BU-45H—made its U.S. debut. It’s quieter with a maximum noise level of NC30, suited for conferences, meetings and lectures. It’s capable of extremely smooth 300-degree pans and 80-degree tilts and can be programmed for repeatable and simultaneous panning, tilting, and/or zooming to up to 32 preset coordinates.

The BU-50H incorporates a Canon HD camera equipped with three 1/3-inch 1.67 Megapixel CCD sensors (1440×1080), a Canon HD zoom lens with 20X optical zoom ratio (4.5-90mm), an advanced Canon auto-focus function, and Canon’s image stabilizer technology.

Canon BU-50H

Advanced connectivity features of the new camera system provide the versatility needed to address a wide variety of video-capture applications. These include genlock input for video synchronization in broadcast television systems. Outputs include uncompressed HD-SDI and SD-SDI with embedded audio, or SD composite NTSC video. The HD-SDI can be used for HD recording and the HD-SDI or NTSC will support simultaneous SD monitoring.

Short- and long-distance control systems interface via RS-422 connections. An optional third-party E/O (electrical-to-optical) converter is available to enable worldwide connectivity via fiber optics or a connection to the Canon Canobeam DT-150 HD wireless video transceiver for transmission at distances of up to one kilometer.

Canon U.S.A.