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Cameras Listed in DoJ Funding of School Security Research

Impact of surveillance cameras, other technologies, to be studied

The U.S. government is funding research to evaluate the effectiveness and presence of police and security technologies — including surveillance cameras —in schools.

The National Institute of Justice is seeking to fund applications for research to evaluate the use of police and technology in schools, the agency says. The proposed research should be comprehensive and include assessments of school ecology, culture, climate and social capital, says the NIJ’s request for proposals.

Since the 1990s shooting incidents at schools have fueled an increased police presence, and more security technologies at schools, NIJ says. In addition, that has increased school administrators’ dependence on police and technology to provide greater security at school buildings, the agency says.

By 2000, more than half the schools in the United States have deployed some type of enhanced security, including cameras, yet no objective evaluation of the effects, outcomes and impacts of those interventions have been conducted, according to the NIJ. “With this solicitation, NIJ requests evaluation research on the effects of police and technologies on school safety,” the RFP says.

The NIJ expects to award $1.5 million for up to three research awards, and the total period for an award likely will not exceed three years, the agency says. The deadline for applications is June 3.

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