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Calrec’s Summa Running Sound for Mizzou Athletics

Calrec console driving sound for arena and sport network productions

The Calrec Audio Summa Console Installed at Mizzou Athletics

COLUMBIA, MO–A new Calrec Summa broadcast console has been employed by the University of Missouri’s Athletic Department for arena productions and support for ESPN and SEC Network broadcasts.

The Summa console is housed in a new standalone audio room so Mizzou Athletics’ production staff can simultaneously supply audio for TV broadcasts and in-house video board productions of basketball games. Staff now have the ability to control multiple channels and route signals to anywhere they’re needed, all from a touchscreen.

“The Summa touch screen makes our lives easier and turbo-charges our workflows. For instance, we can link channels to change compression settings on all shotgun FX mics at once, rather than having to configure one and then copy and paste the settings to each of the others. And any A1 can set up the board quickly to suit his or her preferences simply by dragging channels to different faders on the touch screen,” said Mike Coons, A1 broadcast audio engineer for Mizzou Athletics.

The Calrec Fader Assist iPad app manages two broadcasts simultaneously, allowing one audio engineer to run the primary broadcast audio from the Summa console, while another engineer can control the audio for the secondary broadcast with the iPad.