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California Science Center Deploys Christie Projector for Space-Shuttle Video

Christie Roadster HD10K-M projector is showing ‘Mission 26: The Big Endeavour’

The California Science Center is using a Christie Digital projector to show a nine-minute video — “Mission 26: The Big Endeavour” — that documents the Space Shuttle Endeavour’s final journey to the center.
The Christie Roadster HD10K-M 3-chip DLP projector is showing the film, which follows the shuttle as it flies over Los Angeles on top of a NASA Boeing 747 that lands at Los Angeles International Airport.
Once the shuttle was on the ground, Endeavour — which flew 25 missions into space — began “Mission 26,” a 12-mile, three-day voyage through the streets of Inglewood, Calif. and Los Angeles to its permanent home at the science center’s Samuel Oschin Space Shuttle Endeavour Display Pavilion.
At the science center is the Mission 26 exhibit, which features more than 80 large-scale photographs depicting Endeavour’s journey, as well as the film, which runs continuously, according to the center. Following the movie, visitors can proceed to the pavilion where Endeavour is displayed.
“We did the film because people love to visually relive this moment in history,” said David Knight, Endeavour Project producer. Knight led the filming of the shuttle move, beginning with Endeavour being mounted atop the 747 at Kennedy Space Center in Florida, and culminating with the spacecraft’s installation inside the pavilion.
“It was the first and last time ever something like this would happen on urban city streets, and it brought all kinds of people together from all over the world,” Knight said. The film “commemorates that and gives those who didn’t get to see it a chance to experience it,” he added.
The Mission 26 exhibition is attracting up to 25,000 visitors per day, says William Harris, the California Science Center Foundation executive. Therefore, “it’s important that we have a highly reliable, extended-duty-cycle solution. Christie has delivered that,” he said.
The most compact in its class, the Christie HD10K-M provides HD native resolution (1920 x 1080) with up to 10,000:1 contrast ratio, dual mercury lamps, embedded Christie Twist image warping and edge-blending, built-in portrait capabilities and is 3D upgradable, the company says.
“I appreciate the brightness and color depth of the Christie projector,” Knight said. “The Mission 26 Theater installation utilizes a wall-painted screen, thus the demands for output power are extremely critical,” he added.
The Mission 26 exhibition runs through Sept. 2.
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