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BYU-Idaho Builds Content Management, Distribution System

Education gets a major upgrade.

Luke Hale of BYU- Idaho works with the Front Porch Digital DIVArchive system. (Photo: Michael Lewis, BYU-Idaho)

LAFAYETTE, Colo. —Front Porch Digital, a provider of cloud-based content storage management solutions, recently announced that Brigham Young University-Idaho (BYU-Idaho) has installed a DIVArchive CSM system and a DIVAnet multisite content distribution solution in the university’s A/V productions department. The system provides video services for the entire campus.

In addition to recording a weekly devotional, the department records events and other productions throughout the campus for educational purposes, then stores the files in DIVArchive. It uses DIVAnet to connect with other BYU campuses and church facilities within The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS), which owns and operates BYU-Idaho.

“Every production center on campus went completely tapeless about three years ago without a good digital archiving system in place,” said Luke Hale, digital systems engineer in the BYU-Idaho A/V productions department. “We’ve tried a few solutions but always had storage and retrieval issues, to the point where users didn’t want to move their files out of active storage because they just didn’t trust the archive.”

“Our Front Porch Digital systems have alleviated all of those problems,” he said. “The systems are built for broadcast and designed to prevent downtime, which is critical in a situation like ours.”

The system met BYU-Idaho’s critical requirements for reliability and discoverability, with plenty of space to enable the university to keep its active storage clear. An important factor in the installation is DIVArchive’s seamless integration with BYU-Idaho’s media asset management (MAM) system.

“For us, everything is driven by the MAM, and our DIVArchive system is a powerful back-end engine that drives all our storage and discovery,” Hale said.

Another critical requirement for BYU-Idaho was disaster recovery. DIVAnet provides a way to transfer high-value assets to disaster recovery locations off campus that also use DIVArchive. At the same time, it gives BYU-Idaho a way to connect with other campuses and churches to share media for production purposes.

BYU-Idaho has integrated the new system with all elements of its production, building many of its video workflows with DIVArchive as the foundation. Every piece of video that will be used on the website, in a course, at events, or elsewhere, touches the DIVArchive system in one way or another.