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Buyer’s Guide: Projectors

Pick your size, brightness, application


The BenQ MW632ST short-throw projector delivers 3200 lumens of brightness with a 13,000:1 contrast ratio. The projector also includes a host of standard features, such as the company’s SmartEco power-saving technology, auto keystone setup tools, expanded connectivity options, and the ability to fill up to a 100-inch screen from just six feet away.

The WXGA-resolution MW632ST lets users to set up the projector within any small-scale area. Featuring a 1.2x zoom lens and auto-keystone to streamline the setup process, the projector includes a 10W speaker and dual HDMI ports for seamless switching of digital sources. With Mobile High-Definition Link technology, the MW632ST can stream small-screen content directly from any compatible mobile phone or tablet.


The Eiki EIP-UHS100 is a single-chip DLP projector with 8,000 ANSI lumen brightness and a 2400:1 contrast ratio. Featuring a native 1,920 x 1,200-pixel resolution, the EIP-UHS100 supports analog and digital video inputs, including 3G HD-SDI and HDMI, in all color standards up to 1080p.

The EIP-UHS100 projector has built-in edge blending for combining multiple projected images into a single seamless image, as well as image warping that facilitates digital image manipulation for either corrective or creative purposes. Additionally, the projector incorporates a lens memory feature with as many as 10 saved settings. The unit also includes horizontal/vertical lens shift and corner keystone correction allowing for versatile placement. Optional lenses for the EIP-UHS100 cover a range of 0.76 (with lens shift) to 8.25:1 throw ratios.


The JVC DLA-VS2300ZG is a 2K projector with a hybrid laser illumination system designed for 2D simulation. It offers a 20,000:1 contrast ratio and improved gamma tracking performance for more natural looking images.

The DLA-VS2300ZG features light output of 1,000 ANSI lumens, a JVC BLU-Escent laser hybrid illumination system with a 20,000+ hour life span, two HDMI inputs and a motorized zoom/focus lens. The unit’s native resolution is 1,920 x 1,080 pixels, and its imaging system is three active-matrix 0.7-inch D-ILA devices.


The Panasonic PT-DZ13KU is a large-venue projector with 1,920 x 1,200-pixel resolution and 12,000 lumens of brightness. The unit is compatible with 3D imaging standards and can fill large screens in auditoriums, museum displays and staging applications.

The PT-DZ13KU’s lens memory features adjusts the image size and location in up to three different projection positions, and the combination of four new 380W UHM lamps and the unit’s dynamic iris allow the projector to deliver a 10;000:1 contrast ratio. The PT-DZ13KU is also targeted at medical school and hospital applications, and features a DICOM simulation mode that lets medical personnel view X-ray images.


The Sony VPL-CH375 projector delivers 5,000 lumens of brightness with 1,920 x 1,200-pixel resolution. The company’s 3LCD BrightEra panel technology maintains the image quality with improved efficiency, more consistent color stability and longer durability. The lens shift/zoom function and image-correction features make the unit flexible to install in most rooms.

The VPL-CH375 allows simple connectivity using an HDBaseT digital interface, providing single cable connectivity over long distances. The projector’s included 1.5:1 to 2.2:1 lens can accommodate the existing placement locations in most large classrooms and meeting rooms.


The Epson BrightLink Pro 1430Wi is a touch-enabled whiteboard short-throw projector with built-in interactive capability. Using the projector by itself, you can write on the white board with a fingertip and save the display for future recall. The BrightLink Pro 1430Wi also connects to video conferencing equipment and lets remote participants use their mobile devices to write to the digital whiteboard in real time.

With 1,280 x 800-pixel resolution and 3,300 lumens of brightness, the BrightLink Pro 1430Wi is targeted at education and collaborative conferencing applications. Using its included short throw lens, the projector can make a 60-inch diagonal image when installed just 18 inches from the whiteboard.


A 4K projector with image resolution of 4,096 x 2,160 pixels, the Christie Mirage 304K features 29,000 ANSI lumens of brightness and the ability to display 120 Hz frame rates. Capable of projecting 3D images, the Mirage 304K can be mounted and operated in any orientation for increased design and installation flexibility.

The projector’s display element is a 1.38-inch (35mm) three-DLP device, and the input panel has four twin DisplayPort inputs as well as HDBaseT. The Mirage 304K uses mercury lamps for improved life over more traditional xenon illumination, and it has integrated near-field communication for lamp information tracking.