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Burnsville Upgrades With Broadcast Pix Switcher

Switcher upgrade allows city council to transition from analog to HD

Jay Golden, TV production specialist for the City of Burnsville, uses a Broadcast Pix Mica 1000 integrated production switcher to provide HD coverage of City Council meetings.

BILLERICA, MA–A Broadcast Pix Mica 1000 integrated production switcher has found a home in the City Council control room of the city of Burnsville, Minn. The move is part of the City Council’s upgrade from using an Echolab analog switcher to a Broadcast Pix Mica 1000 switcher and will allow the city to broadcast its new PEG channel in HD over the local Comcast cable service.

Additional upgrades include five Panasonic HD PTZ cameras installed in the council chambers and a Crestron DigitalMedia Presentation System to integrate computers and other sources into the overall production.

With eight SDI inputs and eight outputs, the Mica 1000 switcher has a PTZ camera control joystick to control cameras in the council chambers. The Mica’s dual-channel CG feature is used to display lower-third IDs of council members on one channel and agenda items on the other, in addition to opening and closing slates.

Burnsville City Council also provides live streaming and on-demand coverage on their city website. The city’s overall PEG operations, in addition to their government channel, involve running one public channel along with three education channels, one for each school district in the city.