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BTX and Reach US Debut Bee 8 Recording/Streaming Appliance

Record, share and stream easily

HAWTHORNE, NY — BTX Technologies, a distributor and manufacturer of interface, integration, and system products, and Reach US, a manufacturer of capture and streaming solutions, announced the release of Bee 8, available immediately.

The Bee 8 training capture system is an all-in-one network streaming and recording appliance. It is the latest generation multimedia product developed by Reach US to meet the demands of a simulation and training environment.

This appliance features redundant recording on both an internal hard drive and a front USB thumb drive so an event is never lost. The USB drive provides an immediate backup with no need to wait for downloading files. The Bee 8 has a simple browser menu that makes it easy to operate and manage. It meets the demands of visual information recording and transmission for a variety of installation scenarios, including conferences, training and teaching environments.

“We are excited to carry this solution which meets the requirements of a variety of applications which are usually satisfied by products that are more than double the cost of the Bee 8,” said Greg Schwartz, president of BTX Technologies. “Additionally, this solution can easily be a part of an enterprise solution when paired with the Reach US Media Center, providing an additional level of flexibility and product security.”

A standard Bee 8 system can synchronously record audio, video and computer screen signals from three different HD sources. The Bee 8 can also stream content live via h.264, which makes it simple to watch anywhere and the recorded MP4 file makes it widely portable to be played back on any number of devices in any environment.

Built on an embedded operating system and designed to run continuously 24/7, the Bee 8 network recording appliance simplifies capturing critical communication events, while creating a user-friendly environment from which to view.