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Broadcast Pix Touts ‘500’ Series of Switchers at InfoComm

Line features built-in clip stores and built-in character generators.

Broadcast Pix, a provider of integrated production systems, is featuring its 500 series of switchers—which it says offers “pro power in a compact space”—at the InfoComm11 Show held June 15-17 in Orlando, Fla.

The Slate and Granite 500 switchers are Broadcast Pix’s latest models, and they offer more than just switching capabilities, said Ken Swanton, the company’s president. Both the Slate and the Granite look like a switcher, but have built-in clip stores and built-in character generators, he added.

Normally end users would have to go out and buy three different boxes and wire them together to get those capabilities and “it costs a lot of money,” Swanton said. But with the Slate or Granite, users can get the whole suite wrapped into one, he said.

While the Slate and Granite are smaller in size compared to other switchersm that smaller size is an advantage for the public, education and government (PEG) broadcasters that generally do not have a lot of room, Swanton said. However, while the Slate and Granite are smaller, they have the same underlying hardware as all of the Broadcast Pix products, he said. The only difference between the 500 series and a bigger system are the panels, but they have the same access to all the power that is inside Broadcast Pix’s systems. For example, an end user can have up to 22 SDI inputs, up to 6 key layers; “just because it’s a small form factor, doesn’t mean it’s not a very powerful,” Swanton said.

The Granite and Slate 500 features a full set of professional controls into a highly compact package, Broadcast Pix. Those features include:

  • Nine buttons per input row, shift for 18 inputs
  • Classic switchers controls with program, preview, transition and three or six keys
  • Powerful device control bank with PixPad, 2D joystick (3d optional) knobs display, and motion controls for controlling clips, CG graphics, robotic camera, etc.
  • The Fluent-Views’s corresponding windows showing the contents of the panel’s sources and keys and PixPad