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BriefCam: Watching 24 Hours of Footage in One Minute

The result is a great view over a long period.

At the Law Enforcement and Emergency Services Video Association conference in November, BriefCam showed its video synopsis tool, in which multiple events appear to take place at the same time, giving users a quick look at long sections of security camera footage.

It does this by capturing two kinds of files‚ one representing the background, and another file for each object, giving it a timestamp and allowing viewers to isolate it.

The result is a great view over a long period, with unusual behavior (a person hanging around, or a car driving where it shouldn’t, for example) detectable more easily than if the same footage were simply sped up or scrolled through by normal means.

Yes, it’s a bit hard to describe. The best way to understand is to check out one of the company’s demo videos, here:

The result is a great view over a long period

Users can control summary speed and and event density to create the appropriate view. Installation and use are easy, and the synopsis can be easily exported as an AVI file.

The technology comes in two main products. BriefCam VS Online receives real-time feed from the DVR/NVR and processes data to produce a database that can be called on to create a video summary presentation, on demand. VS Online imports and processes video from the systems commonly used by law enforcement, government agencies, educational facilities, municipalities and loss prevention organizations. It’s compatible with a range of DVRs/NVRs and is an easy-to-install add-on product that does not change existing ecosystems. The BriefCam VS Online System is a server pre-installed with VS Online.

BriefCam VS Forensics is an easy-to-use offline application that enables users to review footage, create, view and export Summary Videos for investigative purposes. It’s a standalone product that does not require integration with a DVR/NVR, and can summarize up to four AVI files simultaneously.

There’s also a software development kit for those who want to integrate the technology into their own systems.

In September, On-Net Surveillance Systems Inc. (OnSSI) announced the full embedding of BriefCam’s Video Synopsis technology into OnSSI’s Ocularis Video Management Platform.

MORE INFO BriefCam “Embedding the Video Synopsis module from Briefcam inside the Ocularis Client provides significant advantages when compared to a VMS solution that is simply integrated,” OnSSI said in a statement. “With the embedded solution, the customer saves the cost of acquiring additional dedicated hardware needed to run the Video Synopsis application. Even more significantly, the Video Synopsis application runs inside the Ocularis viewing client as an embedded video, similar to the other video surveillance camera streams, rather then in a separate window running as a separate application.”

In November, NICE Systems Ltd. added BriefCam as a technology partner.

Other partners include Panasonic, Axis Communications, Pelco Sony, Genetec and others.