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Boston University Trains Students With Canon Cameras

Hands-on production experience

Geoff Poister at BU explains the operation of a Canon dSLR camera.

BOSTON — The Film & Television Department of Boston University’s College of Communication offers degree programs at both the undergraduate and graduate levels for approximately 350 students annually. Instruction includes hands-on experience using the latest professional production technologies, including a range of Canon digital SLR cameras and lenses.

“Currently we run about six entry-level production courses each semester, with 15 students in each class, and we have about 35 Canon EOS Rebel cameras,” said Geoff Poister, associate professor. “Our Canon EOS Rebel T2i kits also include Canon EF 20mm, EF 50mm, and EF 100mm prime lenses.”

The Film & Television department’s large-sensor cameras provide the shallow cinematic depth of field and lens compatibility essential to the department’s core film-production program, which is geared toward fiction filmmaking. These Canon cameras and lenses predominate at the Film & Television department for multiple reasons.

“These dSLRs enable us to teach filmmaking by starting with the fundamentals of photography, uncluttered by the need to move the camera or have action,” Poister said. “We can explain lenses and f-stops and ISO, which are the first things students need to understand. We can start the class by having students shoot still photos that we can discuss. Then they can move up from there to motion images with the same camera, so it’s a huge advantage of using Canon dSLR cameras in the entry-level production classes.”

As students move from beginning to more advanced courses, they progress from the Canon EOS Rebel or the EOS7D to the EOS C100 camera, which is designed ergonomically as a film-style camera, as opposed to being designed as a still camera. This prepares students for a broad range of production styles and experiences.