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Bosch, Genetec and SecureXperts Create Secure IP-Video Solution

Implements CHAVE technology

Bosch Security Systems has teamed up with Genetec and SecureXperts to develop a secure IP-camera and video system that protects its users from attacks like brute force cracking, unauthorized access and malware. The high level of security is enabled by an encryption method called Credentialed High Assurance Video Encryption (CHAVE).

The CHAVE-enabled Bosch IP cameras use SecureXperts as the local registration agent so cameras with the pre-loaded security measures are X.509 certified (for communication with trusted components) and Genetec’s latest version security application­, Security Center 5.4, which manages, saves, and archives video data and supports the use of smart cards and digital certificates needed to access it.

A specific smart card credential allows users to access the video and Security Center 5.4. Security Center also offers TLS, AES-128 and RSA encryption methods for additional security.

The CHAVE technology used meets the Federal Information Processing Standard “Publication 140-2 Level 3” encryption standards.

Bosch will also begin offering the system to several of their IP-camera lines including their PTZ, panoramic and low-light starlight cams.