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Bosch Enhances Starlight IP Surveillance Cameras

New versions of IP cams to be released in June in a variety of designs

Bosch has announced that starting in June its line of Starlight IP surveillance cameras will have enhanced front and backlight compensation, higher frames rates and more choices in resolutions and form factors.

All of the new IP cameras will have Bosch video analytics as standard instead of as an optional feature. Bosch video analytics enables users to search through large amounts of video data and pinpoint information that matters most to them as well as interpret data and to decide what and when to stream based on configurable triggers. The portfolio of cameras come in 720p, 1080p and 5 megapixel resolutions with form factors coming in fixed box, fixed dome or moving dome.

The cameras offer lighting exposure up to 120dB and frame rates up to 60 frames per second. Its new sensor technology and noise suppression results in a light sensitivity of 0.014 lux in color and 0.0047 lux in monochrome for the 1080p models, allowing the cameras to produce color images in dark environments where other cameras would have already switched to their monochrome function.

For more information about the new line of IP cameras, visit Bosch’s website.