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Boeing, JVC Join to Add Realism to Military Pilot Simulators

Boeing’s Constant Resolution Visual System Incorporates JVC’s e-Shift 8K Projectors

Boeing unveils its new “Constant Resolution Visual System” (CRVS), which uses JVC’s e-Shift 8K projectors to move the system’s visual acuity closer to the desired “20/20” visual range but from a small projector—4K projectors—while nearly reaching an 8K system in performance, the companies say.

The system is designed to deliver “visual performance and fidelity to better prepare military pilots by allowing them to train in a more realistic, yet safe environment,” said Barry Kuhlmann, visual systems engineering manager at Boeing.

The system is compatible with a range of cockpits and aviator night vision goggles and also integrates with head-mounted displays, according to the companies. In addition, the CRVS provides constant target visibility throughout the entire field of vision by surrounding the pilot and cockpit in an environment that visually transforms into combat scenarios, and the e-Shift 8K projectors enable pilots to identify targets at real-world ranges, according to the companies.