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Boeckeler Adds Live Streaming to Pointmaker Annotation System

Enhanced interactive pointing system

TUCSON — Live video streaming, analog audio extraction and a second HDCP output are featured in the new Pointmaker CPN-6000 live streaming annotation system by Boeckeler Instruments. The professional hardware-based video processor also features everything in the previously released CPN-5600, including the ability to remotely control the Pointmaker, as well as display and share content from an iPad, and multiple video and computer sources.


Live video streaming: By running the company’s Windows 7 Pointmaker Stream Viewer app, users can display streamed video up to 1080p from the CPN-6000 to a PC over a network connection or WiFi. This feature is especially useful for remote viewing. The stream viewer also allows PC users to annotate over a streaming image (earlier models annotate over screen captures of live video).

Analog audio extractor: This is the company’s first model to feature an HDMI audio de-embedder/embedder with analog stereo output, eliminating the need to buy an audio breakout or extractor box. This feature also offers the ability to switch audio with the HDMI signal.

Second HDCP output: The CPN-6000 offers one more HDCP output than the CPN-5600, for a total of two. With a total of nine video inputs and three video outputs, this model is a flexible choice for installations with a variety of video input formats and multiple outputs.

Other key features key features include the ability to:

— Remotely control the Pointmaker, switch between nine video sources, navigate the menu, capture, print and clear/undo (uses the company’s PVI Control app for iPad);

— Share images from AV equipment connected to the CPN-6000, including document cameras, laptops, computers and more;

—Focus audience attention by drawing, writing or highlighting over all types of shared content including documents, photos, slides, live web pages and AV images – even HDCP;

— Scale video input in composite, Y/C, RGB, YUV, VGA and HDMI formats, and output in various high resolution formats.