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Blackmagic Front and Center on Two Open Media Foundation Projects

Blackmagic gear deployed to Denver Open Media and Open.Media

FREMONT, CALIF.—Open Media Foundation states that its goal is to put the power of media into the hands of the people with all of its projects. With two of its most recent projects that power was supplied in part with a number of products from Blackmagic Design.

Denver Open Media, a public access television and radio station, was one of these projects. OMF powered Denver Open Media’s control room with Blackmagic’s SmartScope Duo 4K monitor, Audio Monitor, Smart VideoHub 20×20 router and OpenGear converters. In its two studios is a HyperDeck Pro broadcast deck for master recordings; Studio A also uses three SmartView Duo monitors and a VideoHub Master Control.

“The master control workflow uses some of the OpenGear converters to process the video signals coming in from various sources to be routed into the VideoHub,” said Ann Theis, Open Media Foundation’s station director. “The router is synced with our broadcast server and is scheduled to switch automatically as the programming schedule dictates for each of our three channels… Then we use the Audio Monitor, SmartView Duos and SmartScope Duo 4K for quality control of the content before it goes out to an OpenGear converter for signal distribution to various outputs, such as our live streaming devices and the Comcast and CenturyLink modulators for transmission to the cable company headends.”



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