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Blackmagic Design Acquires Cintel International’s Assets

Cintel International went through liquidation earlier in 2012

Blackmagic Design has acquired the assets—including the intellectual property—of Cintel International, a researcher, designer and manufacturer of motion picture film scanners.

Cintel International went through liquidation earlier in 2012, and Blackmagic Design acquired all aspects of Cintel’s entire portfolio of film scanning products. That includes all of the Internet protocol, name and brand ownership and product development rights for the Cintel diTTo and dataMill digital scanners lines, URSA, C-Reality, DSX, and Millennium telecine lines as well as imageMill data management products, Blackmagic Design says.

“This is a very exciting acquisition for Blackmagic Design,” says Grant Petty, the company’s CEO. “Cintel products are the most trusted names in the film scanning business, and the incredible design expertise that has been built into every one of the Cintel products is amazing,” he said.

“The film market is in the middle of massive changes and how film is used is changing everyday. What hasn’t changed is the acknowledgement that film is an extremely creative way to capture images,” Petty said. “This acquisition gives Blackmagic Design the ability to combine our vision and expertise with Cintel technology to provide the best technology for artists using film, more efficient and affordable ways to bring film into a digital workflow and better ways to archive and restore existing archive film worldwide,” he added.

Service and support for existing Cintel customers will be handled by U.K.-based Cine Solutions Ltd. and U.S.-based Cine Solutions Inc. Both are independent of Blackmagic Design and will supply replacement parts and repairs, provide expert engineering services as well as 24/7 maintenance help line to all users of equipment previously manufactured and supplied by Cintel International, Blackmagic Design says.