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Black Box Offers New KVM Switches

Designed to safeguard against data compromise

PITTSBURGH — Black Box is addressing the need for military-grade security against cyberthreats by releasing KVM switches that are designed to safeguard against accidental transfer, unauthorized access or compromise of critical data.

Features include KVM switches with up to 16 direct computer connections controlled from a single user console. These come with DVI-I, DisplayPort or HDMI video supporting 4K Ultra HD resolution, stereo audio, USB and an optional smart card reader (CAC-Port).

The switches provide mechanical, electrical and optical signal isolation to ensure that no data is leaked between the ports with each connection using its own isolated data channel. For added security, the switches also feature an always-on tamperproof hardware design, including external hologram tamper-evident seals and long-life internal antitampering batteries, as well as keyboard/internal cache wiping and nonreprogrammable ROM.

The switches are designed for use in government, medical, banking, insurance, secure control rooms, educational administration, corporate, industrial and other environments with cybersecurity, hacking and data leakage concerns, the company said.

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