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Beyerdynamic to Debut Conferencing Products At InfoComm16

Company to showcase new microphones, accessories

Quinta TB microphones and a Quinta CU control unit

LAS VEGAS–At Infocomm 2016, Beyerdynamic will introduce their expanded family of microphones for boardroom and education settings.

The array of products includes the wireless Quinta TB boundary microphone for meeting rooms and videoconferencing. For security, it offers 128-bit encryption and 24-bit PIN code along with a multi-channel receiver that can operate for as long as 14 hours. The Quinta TB accompanies the Quinta CU control unit, which can utilize up to four Quinta TB microphones.

RM 31 SP Vertical Array Microphone

Two vertical array microphones will be featured: the RM 31 SP, featuring a programmable button and switchable low cut filter, along with the RM 31 RC, which has a remote control function.

Two gooseneck microphones options will be available for viewing: the GM 315 RC with remote control function, along with the Classis GM 313/315 SP, featuring a programmable button and switchable low-cut filter.

The Classis RM 30 w—a new addition to Beyerdynamic’s Revoluto line–is a vertical microphone for discreet ceiling installations, and will be shown along with the GMS 32/52 shock-poof installation holder.

To see all of these products, visit Beyerdynamic at InfoComm16 at booth C9921.