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Better Than Ever

Great news for GV Expo 2015

Bob Kovacs

I mentioned in the previous editorial that there were some announcements in the works for this year’s Government Video Expo. There is good news to share, and we’re really excited about it.

Two new big things are happening at GV Expo 2015: First, GV Expo 2015 will be held concurrently with the new National Drone Show. Second, joining the GV Expo will be the annual conference for the Federal Government Distance Learning Association.

At Government Video, we feel like we’ve fallen into a pot of gold to be joined by these two worthy events. Starting with the FGDLA conference, this is an organization that has hundreds of members across the country, focused on the best ways to deliver training at a distance.

As someone with a strong background in distance learning, I could hardly believe our good luck when the FGDLA people were receptive to the idea of holding its conference in conjunction with the GV Expo. For one thing, the organization brings its own seminar-and-session portfolio, which will be available to GV Expo attendees. (And I might attend some of them myself!)

The FGDLA people will also conduct their annual awards ceremony on the Presentation Stage at the GV Expo, and one of the GV Expo’s keynote talks will be a live demonstration of the state-of-the-art in distance learning. As you can see, distance learning will be a healthy component of this year’s GV Expo, and we welcome attendance from all federal, state, local, education and corporate distance learning specialists. I personally worked for seven years in distance learning for IBM, so I want to make sure that corporate distance learning specialists will be welcome among their government peers.

Can you think of any technology in the past couple of years that has gotten more attention than Unmanned Aerial Systems/Vehicles? Commonly called drones, it is a category with tremendous growth as well as still-developing rules and operating procedures. What could be more appropriate than a national conference where the technology and operations of UASs can be discussed among experts?

Note that the National Drone Show does not have the word “Government” in the name. That’s because it is open to anyone with an interest in drones and there is absolutely no government requirement. (Of course, the GV Expo has always been open to non-government personnel and we always welcome you to attend even if you have no association with government.)

Since there is tremendous interest in drones in both the government and non-government sectors, I couldn’t be happier with the connection. As part of the show, there will be sessions and seminars about drones, as well as a flying cage where you can observe them in action and possibly get a chance at the controls yourself.

Yes, we’re excited about GV Expo 2015 — I hope to see you there!