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BenQ Donates ‘MX813ST’ Projector to Teachers’ Union

Gift supports initiative to educate teachers on the benefits of technology

In recognition of the accomplishments of the Miami-Dade County Public Schools’ teaching staff, BenQ America Corp., a provider of DLP projectors, has donated a MX813ST short-throw projector to the United Teachers of Dade, the teachers’ union for that school district.

As part of UTD’s “Professional Development, Best Practices for Interactive Whiteboard Program,” a teacher will be using the projector to help transform classroom learning into a more interactive experience, BenQ said. The whiteboard program educates teachers on the benefits of technology and how they can use interactive techniques to transform their classrooms into media-rich learning environments, the company adds.

Through the donation of its MX813ST projector, BenQ was able to strengthen UTD’s training initiative, providing a forward-thinking product that is designed to future-proof the classroom while combining simplicity, interactivity and efficiency for instructors, IT managers and school administrators, the company said.

“This is a very interesting time for teaching professionals and the entire education sector,” said Charles Belekis, UTD’s educational policy specialist. “With so many new tools at their disposal, teachers are rethinking the way they present their lesson plans, as access to technology continues to change the way students learn,” he added.

“Thanks to our new development program and with the help of companies like BenQ, we are able bridge the knowledge gap, bringing more collaborative, next-generation classroom experiences to both our teachers and students,” Belekis said.

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