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Barco Launches New Modular LCD Video Wall

OverView uses company's Sense X algorithm to enhance color, brightness

To simplify maintenance and guarantee uptime, Barco is launching its new, modular OverView KVD552B tiled LCD video wall with features that ensure optimal display and operation.

The new display maximizes Barco’s Sense X algorithm, which utilizes integrated sensors to provide automatic, continuous and real-time color and brightness calibration, as well as balanced, inter-tile images across the tiled video wall. The LCD Connect interface makes it easier to set-up and control the video wall display, which produces 500 nits brightness, with a 3.5 mm bezel.

Compatible with any VESA mounting structure, the competitively priced OverView KVD5521B is modular for easier, faster servicing. For example, the input boards and remote power supplies can be quickly removed for easier maintenance or replacement. And with its fan-less design, noise is minimized and there are no moving parts that can be susceptible to wear. The new DisplayPort V1.2 enables feeding four displays in loop-through with 4K@60Hz content for easy connection with a limited number of cables.

Having launched its award-winning Barco UniSee technology at the end of last year, Barco states that, with this new display, it’s looking to further transform the LCD video wall market and expand its portfolio, which is focused on the enterprise, healthcare, and entertainment markets.

“The modularity of a number of key components for easier servicing, more user-friendly control, and the possibility to introduce an external power supply to further guarantee uptime, all contribute to the system’s uptime and low cost of ownership… for worry-free operation,” said to Chris Sluys, Barco’s VP of Operator Experience,